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What Are Intruder Alarms

House Alarm Systems are essential for every home, why run the risk of losing both sentimental and expensive possessions when you could highly reduce the chances of being burgled with a house alarm system. Our security alarms not only protect your home and its contents but also the external areas of your property, ensuring every entrance or possible access into your home are secure. Bellit Security have fully trained staff who are employed to make your home secure, using our state of the art burglar alarms they will ensure intruders cannot enter your home without your intruder alarm knowing about it!

Home Burglar Alarms

With the increase in the crime rate in the last decade burglar alarms have become a popular household item.

Protect your loved ones and possessions

Protect your family, possessions and business with state of the art Burglar Alarms. Professionally installed by Bellit Security.

Wireless Alarms

According to the National Statistics Office (2011), every 14.6 seconds a burglary is occurring in the United Kingdom.

What kind of burglary system do you want?

Wireless alarms systems can be installed by do-it-yourselfers. It isn’t necessary for an installer to come out and drill holes and wire your home.

External/Perimeter Protection

Don’t wait until an intruder has entered your home to sound the alarm.

Warn you before they get inside

Eliminate this threat completely by installing a perimeter protection system today. The well being of both your family and home depend on it.

Police Response

Professionally installed policed burglar alarm systems can take anywhere between 1 to 4 days to install.

Advantages of Policed Response Alarms

Police Response alarms will increase your property value, as you will be able to present a security certificate to your insurer.

Types of intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms are ideal for commercial properties. Large or small you need to protect your commercial property and the assets inside it, burglar alarms are not a new development but they are a fantastic one! Your commercial property cannot be watched by you 24 hours a day, Bellit Security state of the art burglar alarms can watch it for you! Whether you chose a standard burglar alarm or an advanced intruder alarm you will have the constant peace of mind that you commercial property is being kept safe by your reliable intruder alarm. Working with the latest technology our intruder alarms communicate with each other and you, ensuring every window, door or possible entrance is covered by our advanced burglar alarms.

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