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Why Security Smoke (fog)

A smoke Screen is a ultimate way to prevent burglary and criminal damage. Security smoke protects your property by releasing thick smoke that hides valuables and disorientates the intruder. The sudden release of smoke will shock and confuse any unwanted intruders, ensuring they retreat from the property before lay hands on anything of value. Security smoke systems react in seconds, meaning that the burglary is over almost as soon as it’s begun.

Why Is Security Smoke The Best

We are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best security smoke system for your needs and pocket, and Bellit Security will be with you every step of the way, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
We give a quote and survey so that you can choose the best system for your property.Our expert team is always on hand to provide advice about our security smoke and how they work.
We want you to make the right choice by giving you all the information and facts.
Our engineers will fit your Security Smoke in the fastest time possible and while maintaining the highest standards so you can carry on with minimal interruption.
Bellit Security will gladly carry out servicing and maintenance on your system on a regular basis. We have extended warranties available on all of our products.
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Bellit Security, Security Smoke

Bellit Security have been successfully installing security smoke machines for over 20 years. We were one of the first companies in the area to be approved to install SmokeCloak and regularly caught intruders the ORIGINALS clothes wear stores across Lancashire.


Technology Has Changed Incredibly

In fact, we were so ahead of the industry, that we had to invite the local fire brigade over, to explain it to them so they understood that it would not be a fire if it went off and people saw it.

Since then the technology has changed incredibly and we are now proud to say that we are not only Fog Bandit UK approved installers, but one of the only companies in the North West.

Fog Bandit

Fog Bandit can produce 38 square metres of thick dense security smoke EVERY SECOND! Take a look at the video above to see an example of what can be done. This is a recent installation in a Jewellers in Blackburn.

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Incredibly effective burglary prevention system.

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