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Intruder Alarms (House Alarms) make your home or business safe and secure, as the safest way to protect your property Bellit Security intruder alarms are both discrete and effective.

Looking after not only your property but you, our intruder alarms are designed to be the best. Using our highly advanced technology we are able to fit alarm systems that work for your home or property. Using sensors our intruder alarm systems and wireless alarms are able to detect an intruder instantly. Our intruder alarms are designed for everyday life, we understand you may have animals or children so we ensure all our intruder alarm systems are specific to you. With different sensor settings and much more you will not be woken in the night for false alarms! You cannot be too careful when it comes to your property, possessions and safety. Our intruder alarms are custom fitted to fit your home or building, we ensure all windows and doors are secure meaning you can relax in the knowledge that any intruder will not go un-detected. Working with you, our team are able to create system that fits into to your home without ruining your decoration.

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Bellit Security have been successfully installing security smoke machines for over 20 years. We were one of the first companies in the area to be approved to install SmokeCloak and regularly caught intruders the ORIGINALS clothes wear stores across Lancashire.
In fact, we were so ahead of the industry, that we had to invite the local fire brigade over, to explain it to them so they understood that it would not be a fire if it went off and people saw it.
Since then the technology has changed incredibly and we are now proud to say that we are not only Fog Bandit UK approved installers, but one of the only companies in the North West.
Fog Bandit can produce 38 square metres of thick dense security smoke EVERY SECOND!

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CCTV or closed circuit television is the use of video cameras to transmit images to a specific place. CCTV is ideal for businesses, homes and other properties, Bellit Security offer the highest quality CCTV systems at the best prices! Our CCTV is available in many different packages and options. CCTV may be seen as only useful to large businesses but in this day and age many homes are investing in this great technology.
CCTV gives you the ability to monitor the outside of your property without leaving your house; our advanced systems allow you to connect our CCTV to your home television or business televisions. Ensuring no one is trespassing on your property while you are at home and ensuring no one has damaged, entered or vandalised your property while you were out.
CCTV is the perfect way to ensure your property is secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bellit Security offer a fantastic service that allows you to pick the perfect CCTV system for you property at a price that suits you.

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An access control system enables you to fix the authority as to who can access your building. Small, medium and large organizations are realizing the advantages of using electronic systems and are replacing their old key-based access control systems.
The major benefits of electronic access control systems are as follows:
• Ease of administration
• Lower running costs
In the lock and key system, there is the possibility of losing keys or they can even be stolen by someone. Copying of keys can also cause a security risk. The cost involved in replacing locks is high and then there is the inconvenience of re-issuing keys. You can do away with all these problems if you use electronic access control systems.
Access control systems ensure protection of assets against theft irrespective of the size of the business. Safety of the staff and their property can also be ensured with the right kind of access control systems, especially when you consider the fact that the doors are generally kept open in buildings that use the lock and key system.
An electronic access control system effectively secures your building and assets. You don’t have to worry about changing locks when you use an access control system. An access control system is implemented by issuing tokens to exercise control of access through doors. It is easy to bar access if the token is lost, stolen or not returned by an employee who has left the organization. Barred tokens will not allow access through the doors that are controlled.
All the doors that are controlled by the access control system will automatically get locked when one door is closed, preventing access to anyone who does not have a token. It is also possible to set the doors to ‘unlock’ during a chosen time period with an access control system. Further, as part of access control arrangement, different access rights for different users can be provided based on hierarchy in the organization, time of access, etc.
Summarizing, access control systems can be used wherever there is a need to control access and depending on the specific requirement of your business, you can go for single door access control or multi-network access control.

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Fire Alarms are probably the most important alarm system in your house, yours and your families safety is your highest priority and Bellit Security understands this. Bellit Security provides quality, innovative fire alarm systems. Detecting unwanted smoke and fire in your home, our fire alarm systems will alert you and your family of the danger enabling you to leave the building. Our home fire alarms systems are designed for your home, constantly working to ensure there is no danger in your house ensuring full safety of you, your family and your contents. House fires devastate lives; don’t run the risk of having an undetected fire in your home. Accidents do happen but with fire alarm company, Bellit Security, you can live in the knowledge that your home fire alarm system is keeping your home safe. We at Bellit Security pride ourselves on our fantastic fire alarm installation, with many years experience we know exactly where to install fire alarms in your home to give you the utmost safety.
Fire Alarm installation in commercial properties should never be over looked, complying with health and safety laws every commercial property should have a fire alarm system in place. Bellit Security fire alarm service offers you a variety of fire alarms to suit your property break glass stations; manually actuated devices, buttons and manual pull stations are all fantastic ways to protect your property.
Don’t run the risk! Let Bellit Security install a safe, reliable and excellent value for money Fire Alarm System today!

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Network and Cabling is a difficult task, done correctly it can ensure the smooth running of the electrical aspect of your
home or business, done incorrectly it can be a nightmare.

Bellit Security provide high quality network cabling services across the UK, our commercial network cabling services are second to none. Bellit Security work fast and efficiently to ensure your network and cabling is installed or fixed as soon as possible, causing you as little disruption as possible. Commercial properties are a maze of network cables, our fully trained team are able to identify where a problem may be and find the solution immediately. You may not realise it but network cabling is part of your everyday life, Bellit Security can install your network cabling from scratch or be on hand to help fix any issues you may have with your current network cables.
Bellit Security also offer high quality Home Network Cabling (or Structured Cabling) services. Ensure you home is
kept up to date with the current technology with Bellit Security. Bellit Security supplies all types of networking cables. Our CAT 5 and Cat 6 structured cables can be used for internet services,telephony services and video services.
Bellit Security work alongside leading industry companies such as Express Communications to make sure you achieve the best possible results.

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Summary of services

We install a wide range of intruder alarms, ranging from Home burglar alarms, wireless alarms, External perimeter protection, commercial intruder alarms and Police response systems.

We have been installing security Smoke machines for over 20 years. Infact we are one of the very first companies in the country to install these systems.

CCTV is the perfect way to ensure your property is secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bellit Security are also be able to offer IP CCTV systems.

We install various access control systems from Biometric Fingerprint Reading, Multiple Network Access Control, Paxton Access Control to Single Door Access Control.

We will not only install domestic use fire alarms and commercial use fire alarms but will carry out risk assessments on request.

Bellit Security work alongside leading industry companies such as Express Communications to make sure you achieve the best possible results from our network cables.

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